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Milk For Bubba,
Cookies For Mumma

Delicious hand made cookie goodness for breastfeeding support

Milk For Bubba,
Cookie For Mumma

Delicious hand made cookie goodness for breastfeeding support

About Us

Milk and Cookies came about because of my passion to help women in their breastfeeding journey. I am a mother of twins girls and my breastfeeding experience was great! It was hard at times but I found my supply was enhanced with homemade lactation cookies. I started baking them for friends and family and the reports were great! They had seen a boost in supply and some even continued to breastfeed despite wanting to give in prior to having our cookies.

Thank you for supporting Milk and Cookies x

Why Choose Us

I love that our cookies don’t just increase the supply, but that women have their own little secret stash in the pantry! In saying that your man won’t lactate if he has one!

Seeing women flourish in the most natural way puts a smile on my face. It has always been about making the experience rewarding for both mum and bub.

Australian Made

We are proud to be Australian owned and made

Size Does Matter

Every cookie is large enough for maximum enjoyment

Love From Our Mummas

WOW, the cookies are so delicious!! They have been so good for my supply, can’t wait to get more.

Ahh bliss! These are so yummy. Honestly so moist!! I’ve had a few lactation cookies in my time, these are by far my favourite.
By far the yummiest cookies I’ve had, being lactation cookies was a bonus. Will definitely be buying more.